Host a Screening

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Welcome to the Waking the Sleeping Giant Store!

We are excited to make screening kits available to community groups, activists, teachers, and others who want to share and use the film to inspire or provoke your members, introduce an audience to local organizations doing great work, or in some other way help fuel the movement for a better, fairer, and more just America.

We've kept the cost of the screening kit as low as possible while still enough to cover our costs (licenses for the music in the film, duplicating DVDs and Blu-ray discs, shipping discs for screenings, etc.).

You are welcome to screen the film for free, to charge for tickets, or to use the showing as part of a fundraising event.

You then keep whatever you earn from ticket sales and whatever you raise during the event!

We are also offering a higher-priced "Solidarity" screening kit option. By purchasing this version instead of the regular screening kit, you will be making it possible for us to also offer the film at a discounted rate in classrooms and for free in low-income communities.