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Waking the Sleeping Giant is an empowering story of activists and movements working together to lift each other up. When people see this documentary film about real human stories – Sabrina Shrader organizing in rural, impoverished West Virginia, Jan Williams bridging between labor and racial justice in the fight for black lives in Los Angeles, Kai Newkirk and Elise Whitaker marching on Washington during Democracy Spring – they understand the power of standing together.

Get your community or classroom screening kit!

A community screening of Waking the Sleeping Giant is a great way to bring this to your group, school, or neighborhood. And we've made it easy for you to do (and you can even raise money for your cause along the way!).

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The Community Screening Kit is $150. Screenings are fun and easy to put together (especially for trained organizers like you). Here's what's in every screening kit: 

  • A license for a public screening. Screenings can be anywhere: a community center, rented theater, public library, a home, a park, a bar, wherever.
  • The Community Screening Guide. We've added tips on organizing and promoting screenings plus ideas for raising money or charging for tickets if you want to do that.
  • Digital versions of our marketing materials to help you promote the event. 

Go to our screening kit page to see all of the screening kit options. Use discount code XHEC98T to get the $25 Netroots Nation discount.