Waking the Sleeping Giant: Available & Coming Soon!

From the Coming Soon department:

1) iTunes pre-sales begin on October 23! If you’re thinking you might like to watch on iTunes, ordering it during the pre-sales period is super super helpful; the better the pre-sales numbers, the more likely iTunes will help promote it.

and …

2) Waking the Sleeping Giant will launch on iTunes, Amazon Video, Vudu, Google TV, Direct TV, and InDemand on November 6!

and …

3) DVDs and Blu-rays officially go on sale on our website on the same date! You’ll find them at our store starting November 6.

Our distributor (Indiecan Entertainment) is still in discussions with the subscription platforms … stay tuned.

And from the Available Now department:

Screening kits for educators and everyone else are available to anyone right now PLUS we are now offering a 52-minute version, which is especially useful for teachers and professors who want to use it in their classroom. Educators, activists, and everyone else have been screening the film all over the U.S. and Canada. Here is some of the educator feedback we’ve received:

Waking the Sleeping Giant highlights the historic campaign of Bernie Sanders, among other grassroots political campaigns of 2016. But this is not a campaign film; it is a compelling civics lesson and a primer on the mechanics of bottom-up democracy.”

- Dr. Luke Mayville, Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for American Studies, Columbia University

“This film is a needed reminder that social change comes through struggle. It is a powerful tool for teachers who want to inspire and educate about the efforts of everyday working class people.”

- Professor Luis A. Fernandez, Criminology Professor, Northern Arizona University

“This powerful and insightful film provided students with an honest look at American politics at a particularly complicated moment in American history. I enthusiastically recommend it.”

- Professor Kimberly Lubreski, Depts. of Sociology and Justice & Peace Studies, Georgetown University