The Sleeping Giant International Premiere: Vancouver!

Big News! Waking The Sleeping Giant's international premiere is at the 16th annual DOXA film festival in Vancouver, Canada on May 11 (with a second screening on the afternoon of May 12).

DOXA is a documentary-only festival, which one participating film director describes as "a mind-feast." Our film is part of DOXA's Spotlight on Troublemakers series, celebrating "people who act up, resist and fight on."


The entire team is headed to Texas in a couple of weeks for the US premiere at the Thin Line Fest. A lot is happening. Please check out the first teaser for the film that we just posted on our website--and know that you helped make it happen! 

Waking The Sleeping Giant will be screening at The People's Summit in June in Chicago. Some of the remarkable people in the film will be at the summit, including Bernie and Van Jones. Bernie is actually headlining the summit!

Stay tuned for more updates about premieres. A Vermont premiere is in the works now, and we will keep you posted. Follow us on Facebook for the timeliest updates regarding festival happenings and for details about a premiere coming to your town!