What Are People Saying About Waking the Sleeping Giant?

An “incendiary new film”
    - Movie-Blogger.com

“Jacob Smith, Jon Erickson, and Kathryn Goldman’s ambitious new film … point[s] to a turbulent time – but also, perhaps, a singular moment of opportunity, if coalitions and alliances can unite sometimes disparate voices in a coherent public conversation, to forge a mandate for effective change.”
    - Jay Craven, Vermont Public Radio

“Giant seriously rouses when it looks at Black Lives Matter or the story of West Virginian Sabrina Shrader.”
    - Georgia Strait

The filmmakers invite us to see the people in this film “as an arm, maybe a little toe, of the rousing giant, joining unionists, Black Lives Matter activists, academics, environmentalists, LGBTQ advocates, the quite religious and the not religious, all manner of just plain decent hard-working people, red staters, blue staters, rural dweller and urbanites, and yes, one or two quoted members of the liberal media, in channeling [the] anger into a politics of inclusivity.”
    - The Tyee

“Waking the Sleeping Giant is so important. It’s turning to the people on the ground. It is the good kind of reality TV.”
    - Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!