The Giant Heads to Vermont

We had a great time at the Vermont premiere on Friday evening. Many the film’s financial supporters were among the audience in the sold out theater, including some of the earliest and some of the biggest donors, as well as a bunch of folks that had only recently learned about the film and wanted to check it out. We are grateful for the responses at the Q&A and in the messages we received afterward, which included:

"Perfect blend of inspiration & reality for troubled times."

"Must see film. Inspires us to keep on organizing."

"... it has the potential to galvanize diverse groups and individuals."

"Powerful film! Thank you!"

"Thank you for making this very moving film of the voices of people on the front lines of struggle, and the front lines of building a progressive movement. This is big. I especially appreciated that they devoted a significant focus to intersectionality, including Black Lives Matter."

"It is an important film and it needs to be seen by all who believe We are the Change We Believe In and it needs to be seen by those who believe they have no voice."

Next up: Brattleboro on Saturday, June 3 (at 4pm after the Strolling of the Heifers parade) at the historic Latchis Theater. Tickets are free but your best bet is to grab them in advance. Director Jon Erickson will be there for a Q&A afterward.

We’ve got more Vermont screenings in the works. Stay tuned!

Sold out crowd at  Burlington's Main Street Landing  theater.

Sold out crowd at Burlington's Main Street Landing theater.